sleeping beauty

Someone else she was always writing to me how great her life is and what a wonderful time she has and how much she enjoyed this and that and the other.

She was giving me the impression that her life has reached perfection and definitely I had no place in it.

You know when people are condescending and superior but pretend to be humble.

You know when people keep their secrets well and show what is acceptable praised and admired.

Touching the banal tonight as the wind turned southern having missed my appointment 

A friend talked to me about lemuria and feeling somehow at odds with what is and what will be 

Venus is hemmed between Saturn and Mars and I dream of coincidences 

Meeting with all the people I ever met in this life time and feeling embarrassed  or indifferent or at least sentimental.

Nobody really knows about the other we only know ourselves and we talk about us when we talk about others

This is a test on self loathing my pretty lady

I love hats did you know? @ A.C.


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