the beach

It was a rainy day the seaguls are offshore, the mind relentless the story untold

The love of her life has gone away and she is alone and desperate, life has no meaning .

then one has to consider is this love someone or something or a dream of pure coincidence 

one has to ask many questions as the curtain falls and reveals the emptiness

The emptiness of denial , am not who you think even if you think you are like me , the crazy story of reflections going back and forth to eternity

What is your face made of ? Some fillers and dealers and fat and too much desire to be again what you call young?

Is this something real? What is youth other than one mask one pretention, one face of reality that has many?

Look at you afraid of age as if a wrinkle is the enemy as if being desired as an object is the ultimate bliss

as if objectifying your body is the ultimate goal of life. Being forever young and beautiful as prescribed by the latest antidepressant agent

You are who you are if you can buy buy more but you know you cannot buy the best of all, your ultimate mirror…

Am falling and falling into an emptiness of desire where the secrets are untold and burning the skin of the innocent…A.C


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