Zero sun Scorpio  zero moon Gemini 

Daring my heart today touching the eternal light of your presence opening the finest wine to your lips

endless dance between the unknown and the unpredictable

Astrology my passion leads me to say there is nothing to predict nothing to calculate

Waves of an eternal ocean our lives diverted to places and times unknown loving you as you are gentle real vulnerable

and yet a stranger to the utmost extremities of this universe meeting the Angels and the daemons of an unfathomable 


Hold me dear never let me go in this vastness of nothingness grasping for the mesmerizing breath of a life breathing hope

as if hope is all there is as if hope has anything to follow with this travel as if my eyes see something real at all

Just let me touch your skin before disintegration before the wave disolves and takes away all there is all that seems and all that hopes to be

I love you forever before and after death in all forms and names in all moments and all spaces oh dearest beloved drop of ocean in my youth and old age as one spirit one tear one heartbreak…


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