The night is falling graciously  

By Atma A.C

There was a mother in the story and the story was short.

There was a villain in the story and the story unreadable

There was a mystery but unresolved

Everything was pointing to disaster or rather sudden death by negligence

How convenient for us to be away have alibi have excuses have been busy forgetful and sick…

There was a player in the story and he was tall handsome smart rich and sexy  and the story had to go brilliant except 

he lost the key couldn’t start the car couldn’t open the door couldn’t get the money

except he had to die such a pitiful death…

There was dame in the story with a great rich hubby pretending to love him they never talked she had her own life

and much drugs to take the edge off…

There was a child in the story abandoned unloved unwanted but got a ticket  and that was all…      


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